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Welcome to Hope’s Closet™!  I’m so glad you’re here.

My name is Hope, and I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 11 years old.

The orthotist gave me a thick white scratchy and wooly undershirt to wear under my brace. It looked like a hospital towel. So my mom and I went to the mall one day to look for better undershirts. After a couple of grueling hours, we left. None of the tanks we found went high enough under my armpits, and they caused abrasions and heat rashes. I asked my mom why no one had made more comfortable specialty undershirts for scoliosis bracing. So, my mom got together with some friends and designed a cute AND functional undershirt for scoliosis bracing!

The shirts come in black or white and are made with dry wicking material that prevents you from getting too hot. You can even wear them as a normal shirt when you are done with your brace!

Most importantly, they are comfortable which makes it easier to wear your brace for long periods of time. There really is no other shirt or company like ours on the market. My mom and I just want to help girls feel confident and wear their braces more!


P.S. It does get better! I still have days where I feel self conscious, but they are much rarer than in middle school/high school.

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